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They're one of the best in the industry that doesn't break the bank like other premium brands do, the only reason they're not that popular simply because its "made in china" tag that throws some folks off. Barrow is all about quality and affordable. We're also the authorized distributor for Barrow so all products are ship directly from them, unlike on Aliexpress there are just too many counterfeits. Yes, since Barrow is the top brand in China, there are many counterfeit that sells for half of Barrow's MSRP.
We get them from distributors for new parts and for others that would indicate as used parts are usually from a large online warehouse that takes customer returns. After we receive these items they're thoroughly inspected and tested before being listed, these are mostly like new parts and some of them are even brand new still in shrink wrap with slight blemish on the box. That way we can pass on the savings to our customers.
Rewards point will automatically add to your account every time you place an order and its in complete status. Use the rewards point to purchase our merchandises, so the more you shop the more you'll get.
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